About Us

iStock_saveenergyTusk energy solutions understands that Aruba not only has one of the highest electricity rates in the world but also a very low efficiency in terms of its energy consumption. To address these issues Tusk energy solutions provides its clients with all the solutions to lower its clients’ electricity bills and at the same time to increase the efficient use of electricity.

Recently, many new green initiatives have been implemented by the Aruban government. One of such initiatives is the increase of 5 kW Photovoltaic (PV) system to a 10 kW PV system for residential use and a 100 kW PV system limit for commercial use. In addition, residents or business owners who produce an excess of electricity from their solar panels can sell their excess electricity to the utility company ELMAR N.V.

The goal of Tusk energy solutions is to create and contribute to a more sustainable and greener future. A future that is totally independent of all non-renewable energy forms such as fossil fuels, and natural gas. It will not only bring a brighter, cleaner and affordable future for Aruba but it can create a new economic pillar for Aruba, instead of sending millions of dollars each year out of Aruba to buy barrels of oil, this money can be used for more green and sustainable projects right here in Aruba.
Tusk energy solutions offers design, calculation, installation, maintenance, and technical support for solar panels. However, the services are not limited to solar panels. The company also provides energy saving products such as LED lights, energy saving automation and monitoring services.
Tusk energy solutions provides its customers with the highest quality products and professional personnel. The company takes a customer oriented approach in which it will set the clients’ priorities, plans, and requirements first. However, it will provide all the necessary information and recommendations to the clients, so that the customers can come to the best possible decisions and conclusions.
Tusk energy solutions  understands that the success for its business will depend on a good communication and understanding between its clients and their company; therefore, it will provide the best possible customer service as possible.