How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For My Business?

New solar-powered packing facility could change supply-demand paradigm for Afghan farmersThe question that always pops out is as follows, I have eight air conditioning units, one fridge, two TVs, and one¬†freezer, how many solar panels do I need? It is a hard question to answer because not all appliances and models are the same, therefore, a better way to understand how many panels you need for your business is to check your utility bill. How much are you paying for your electric bill? One solar panel of 290 W can produce an average of Awg 0.80 per day, if you have 50 panels or a 15 kW system, you’re solar panels can produce an average of Awg 40.00 per day.

After you answer that question, the next question is to ask yourself where and how much area or space do I have for solar panels? If you don’t have any space or area for solar panels, then your business is not suitable for a solar panel system. If you do have space for solar panels, ¬†are there any trees or objects around that area that might cast shadows on the panels? Trees or objects can cast shadows on the panels during the day and can significantly reduce your electric production or even not producing any energy at all. However, our experts can help you answer these questions more accurately. For more information call us today at 583.8797 and make an appointment.

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