If you are a homeowner, then this is your opportunity for going solar. The reason why is that most of the homes constructed in the last decade are considered “energy inefficient.” This inefficiency causes many homeowners to pay too much money in energy. Therefore, the solution is to go solar! When you go solar you’ll produce your own electricity at a lock in electricity tariff that is independent of oil gas prices, as a result you’ll pay less and can use the same amount of electricity.

This may sound too good to be true and you might be thinking that this investment will empty your wallet, on the contrary, this investment will be putting money into your wallet. You might be asking yourself now, but how? Reports have shown that investment in solar provides a safer and higher return on investment (8%) higher than any other investment in stocks, bonds, and don’t forget it’s a sure better investment than buying a car.

Now it gets even better, you don’t need to take all the cash out of your pocket to pay for a solar panel system, many banks offer very attractive loans at very low rates especially for going solar. Now everyone has the chance to make a smart investment. An investment that will surely increase money in your pocket and liberating you from the electricity bills that you paid all these years.

You still interested to know more of the benefits? When you have a solar panel system on your house you immediately become your own electricity producer, making you less dependent on the utility company. If your solar panel system produces more electricity than your homes consumes, this excess energy will not be wasted but will be sold to ELMAR.

If are so interested that you want to put a solar panel system on your house, our company can help you by giving you personalized advice and guidance based on your situation. We will analyze your house to see if it’s suitable for a solar panel system. We also analyze your energy consumption and will recommend a suitable option for your personalized situation. We can even help you on the financing part. All in all our company offers you a turnkey solution for your solar panel system.