How Do Solar Panels Work?

A photovoltaic system or PV system is a system that consists of a series of solar panels and inverter(s), the solar panels produce electricity from sunlight and the inverter convert these “raw electricity” into the “usable electricity” to your home or business.

The system that we specialize in is the grid tied PV systems, here your PV system is connected to the utility company’s grid, (basically the electricity that comes through the electric cables from ELMAR).

Like every system we cannot make something out of nothing and this is the same case for your PV system, you will need to “fuel” this system with an energy source. For PV systems it’s the sun, the sun shines for everyone and anywhere here on our beautiful island of Aruba. The PV system then makes electricity out of this sunlight through complex processes in the solar panels just like leaves of a tree, and converts the sunlight into electricity. Before this electricity is render usable, it must first pass through the inverter before it can be used in your home or business. The inverter acts as a computer that regulates and converts the electricity that is produced by the solar panels. The electricity that the inverter sends out powers your whole home or business.

When your PV system produces excess electricity, your inverter will send this excess electricity into the ELMAR’s grid and you will get paid for every amount of electricity that you send to ELMAR’s grid.

At night, when there’s no sun, your PV system will produce no electricity, then you will consume electricity from ELMAR’s grid. This interaction with ELMAR’s grid is all automatically controlled by the inverter. For more detailed explanations contact us.



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