Why Should I Go Solar?







The benefits of solar are plentiful and here are some of the benefits that you can start enjoying once you go solar.

The sun always shines here for us on Aruba, we are fortunate to be awash with sun all year around. However, currently we are barely using our most precious resource, so why let sunlight go to waste when you can put it to good use and produce your own clean and free electricity.

Financial Savings
Projections have shown that there’s an average of 3% increase in electricity rates every year, and this trend will continue to grow even more in the future. Act now and plant the seed today to reap the benefits in the near future.

Energy Independence
Be in control of your own electricity production and lock in your electricity rate for any future uncertainties in electricity rates.

Smart Investment
Want to invest in something that is guaranteed to give you return. Investing in solar is a safe investment because it will pay itself back within 6 years.

Grow Our Economy
You will contribute to our economy by helping to create more green and sustainable jobs. As more and more people on our Island invest in solar panels, we’re keeping more money on our Island. Instead of sending billions of dollars each year out of our Island to buy fossil fuel we can now invest this money into our own green and sustainable projects.

Create a Better Future
Be a responsible citizen of the world, the future generation will thank you for your effort. Every action that we take today can have a lasting effect for our future generations. Create a better future for your children and grandchildren.

We’ll Do It for You!
Leave it all on our hands, our dedicated professionals do it all from design, installation, maintenance, to technical support for your PV system. Our professionals are always here to provide you with the best solutions.

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